Have you ever thought that a simple geometric shape can influence your sense of well being?

Knowing the meaning of shapes, lines, objects and the importance of freedom of thought we give everything a sense. Our goal is not only to build a structure, but also to make it meaningful and functional. The first dome, as you can see, is covered with wood shingles so that it could serve as a tool to protect people from rain. The second dome is designed for kids to climb, train and swing. The third dome will gradually become covered with sweet green grapes which in time will entertain us with their taste and fill our bodies with important vitamins and nutrients. Grapes will also let us rest in the shade, when the sun becomes very hot. Sitting, standing or playing in such domes we can get multiple benefits: the dome being covered with shingles will provide a shelter when it rains outside, the dome twined with grapes gives us shade and nourishes and the children’s dome gives good feelings and trains. The powerful construction of these domes has positive effect on our bodies and our sense of well being.

Bucci, the inventor of the dome – hemisphere, while watching nature dealt with the geometry of its basics. Bucci was the master of geometry and the follower of Pythagoras, who was the father of science and philosophy. Knowledge of Pythagoreans and their school – music of spheres – was an inspiration to all well-known masters of geometry – from Plato to Kepler. All of them had a deep sense that the geometry of nature is the foundation of the universe creation.

Imagine yourself in a spacious room living and reproducing the geometry of the universe, i.e. the same geometry which is the basis of all celestial bodies and molecules of your body. Many of the healers use the dome because they believe that the geometry of the dome helps to reorganize cells of the body, improves health and promotes creativity.
The sphere is the perfect shape. Atoms, molecules, planets, stars… Though the dome is a hemisphere, the dynamics remain the same. Many meditation practitioners successfully use domes in meditation.

Humanity was interested in geometric shapes since the times of the pyramids and not only in ancient Egypt. All the religions of the world used them while building temples and creating the icons and statues of deities. Scientists found out that people when looking at these religious characters or drawing simple geometric shapes experience both physical and mental changes.

Geometric shapes are everywhere – in nature, in human body and in space. Matter maintains a shape and it is obvious. In many cases, we can change the shapes of things and use them to create a lot of useful things. But have you ever thought that a simple geometric shape can influence your sense of well being?

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