Figures in the park

Figures in the Park


Labyrinth of Searching for the Inner Self

The purpose of this labyrinth is working with ourselves, searching for the inner “ME”, giving replies to questions, solving problems, finding peace and fulfilling dreams. One, however, should never forget that the dreams come true only when we use the present tense and, what’s even better, thank for it in advance. If you give your thanks for the things you wish to have (for perfect relationships, a dream job, remarkable health, a living without lacking anything) before you are in possession of them...


Labyrinth of Relationships

It harmonizes relationships between lovers, family members, brothers, sisters, friends, cousins and team members. It has two entrances leading to the centre and a single common exit. If two people walk the labyrinth, one walks the first path and another takes the second one. If it is a family, friends or a group of people, a part of them walks the first path and the rest people the second path. If you don’t have a beloved or you have not found him or her yet, then you can walk alone the path and imagine your beloved walking another path, or ask GOD to send someone into your life with whom you will want to live your entire life.


Labyrinth of the Five Elements and Five Archangels

The labyrinth has eight circles, a center and four meditation sites in its corners. Number eight is the symbol of infinity, which shows us that we never have to restrain ourselves anywhere.
We can reach as far as our thoughts go. When we suppress ourselves, we lose self-confidence and the belief that we can do so much, that we have so many talents and that everything we have ever dreamt about can become reality merely...


Labyrinth of Inner Balance

This is a figure of eight shaped labyrinth with the significance of infinity, the balance and harmony of all energies. It is the labyrinth that balances the left and right brain hemispheres. The left hemisphere is responsible for the mind and the right – for intuition, so one must learn to follow both his own mind and heart.



Knowing the meaning of shapes, lines, objects and the importance of freedom of thought we give everything a sense. Our goal is not only to build a structure, but also to make it meaningful and functional. The first dome, as you can see, is covered with wood shingles so that it could serve as a tool to protect people from rain. The second dome is designed for kids to climb, train and swing.



Circle, ring or sphere is not only versatile, but also one of the most perfect geometric shapes. Atoms, cells, seeds, planets and systems of stars are of this shape. In a circle all points are equidistant from the centre. The sphere symbolizes unity, completeness, God and beginning. This is a symbol of constant movement and creativity. All peoples perceive this shape as a beginning and a whole.



A geometric shape – the triangle – in different cultures symbolises various things, such as land fertility, marriage, wealth, flame, mountain, pyramid, the Holy Trinity or physical stability. An inverted triangle in oriental mandalas is the symbol of feminine energy, intuition, the spring of passive creation or earth. A triangle whose apex is directed upward symbolises masculine energy, the spring of active creation and celestial energy.