Labyrinth of Inner Balance


Labyrinth of Inner Balance

This is a figure of eight shaped labyrinth with the significance of infinity, the balance and harmony of all energies. It is the labyrinth that balances the left and right brain hemispheres. The left hemisphere is responsible for the mind and the right – for intuition, so one must learn to follow both his own mind and heart. The labyrinth has two circles – male and female. Its path begins and ends in the centres of the feminine and masculine energy flows – in the intersecting points of two circles. When walking the labyrinth, we enter both circles constantly moving from one to another. In this way, we experience the constant change of two energies sustaining their perfect balance. A snake-like figure of the labyrinth affects our Kundalini energy that within the spine runs vertically through the entire body from the Crown chakra to the Root chakra. It is the connection of all energies in the Earth and Universe having a neutral energy charge. Two centres of the labyrinth help us realize that we have not only a body but also a spirit. Both spiritual growth and a good material life are equally important to us. When we turn to any one direction, we do not feel complete and happy. Happy is the man that is both spiritually and materially rich, and is able to compose life according to his own thoughts using all the energies in the UNIVERSE without exhausting himself and wearing his body out. After all, the spirit can live only in the body of a healthy and happy man.
Both familiar and unfamiliar people can walk the labyrinth simultaneously. But it is important not to interfere with another person.

The length of the labyrinth is 1800 m.

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