A geometric shape – the triangle – in different cultures symbolises various things, such as land fertility, marriage, wealth, flame, mountain, pyramid, the Holy Trinity or physical stability. An inverted triangle in oriental mandalas is the symbol of feminine energy, intuition, the spring of passive creation or earth. A triangle whose apex is directed upward symbolises masculine energy, the spring of active creation and celestial energy.

The combination of these two triangles makes a well-known symbol – the Star of David or Merkaba. It is common in various spiritual traditions and is usually associated with security, joy, wisdom, confidence, insight and life force. What is the meaning of the Merkaba? The Merkaba – rotating fields of light around our physical body. This word is composed of three words: Mer, Ka, Ba.

Mer – rotating light fields, Ka – the field of spirit and soul, Ba – the physical body or one’s interpretation of reality.
We have been taught from childhood and we started to believe that we are small and limited creatures, but it is far from true. After opening one’s mind or heart the Merkaba will open up opportunities beyond limited and conditioned beliefs and it will help recognize and understand the wonderful and limitless potential of one’s true self. By creating and activating your Merkaba field you will help yourself to increase your potential in every area of life both spiritually and materially

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