Labyrinth of Searching for the Inner Self


Labyrinth of Searching for the Inner Self

The purpose of this labyrinth is working with ourselves, searching for the inner “ME”, giving replies to questions, solving problems, finding peace and fulfilling dreams. One, however, should never forget that the dreams come true only when we use the present tense and, what’s even better, thank for it in advance. If you give your thanks for the things you wish to have (for perfect relationships, a dream job, remarkable health, a living without lacking anything) before you are in possession of them, then you are sending certain vibrations to the Universe which testify that you already have all these things. The Law of Attraction has no knowledge whether you are merely imagining all those things or you really have them and, therefore, by thanking for them now you attract them to yourself. It is an unstoppable law and if you use it properly, you will not be denied. There is no future – the future is unreachable. There is only the forever continuing present.

As you walk this labyrinth, you do not necessarily have to think. You can simply walk and leave everything in the hands of GOD. Then, you may encounter thoughts that you have never tried contemplating about before. Simply walk, relax your mind and feel how your heart and intuition opens up.

This labyrinth has one path leading to the center and the same path that takes you back. You go forth winding your way through and you go back the same way as no other path exists.

Many people can walk in this labyrinth at the same time as each of them works with himself/herself. This kind of walking teaches how to concentrate on yourself and pay no attention to strangers.

The length of the labyrinth is 600 m.

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