Labyrinth of the Five Elements and Five Archangels

Labyrinth of the Five Elements and Five Archangels

This labyrinth took almost a year to take shape in our minds. It is adorned in plants of various kinds and colors so that while one travels around it, he/she could experience the therapy of colors, scents and taste as edible berries thrive among other plants. Every plant emits its aether and delights us with its different form and color.
The labyrinth has eight circles, a center and four meditation sites in its corners. Number eight is the symbol of infinity, which shows us that we never have to restrain ourselves anywhere.

We can reach as far as our thoughts go. When we suppress ourselves, we lose self-confidence and the belief that we can do so much, that we have so many talents and that everything we have ever dreamt about can become reality merely because we have no limits. In the mean time, the center and the four sites make the number five. It represents the five elements: aether (wood), air (metal), fire, water and earth, which are protected by the five archangels (Nathaniel, Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel).

As we walk this labyrinth, all the five elements of our bodies regain their balance. This is so because the five elements are in balance within nature and, therefore, the human body needs this balance as well to remain healthy and harmonious. It is also a tool to help find one’s self-confidence.
3lab_enThis labyrinth is not intricate; however, people may get lost here as every corner site has one entry pathway and one exit pathway towards another corner site. If you spun around while you were in the site or closed your eyes, it might happen that you will not be able to remember which path you came and which one to follow. There are no arrows and none will be put up because this is a place for working together with the man. If a person starts wandering around, it means that he/she does not follow their own thoughts, words and actions, and later only complains that God is bestowing punishment on him/her (God does not punish, it is merely the UNIVERSAL Law which returns everything to us in a boomerang-like way), i.e., if you feel lost in life you might have to wander for a bit here as well.  Or, you have spent too little time somewhere and the UNIVERSE sends you back to that very same place to work with you for a while longer. Everything happens for a reason and the things that seem wrong to us are not entirely bad. Everything has a meaning. Every cloud has its silver lining. As we walk across the labyrinth, the UNIVERSE is continuing its work and it knows better than us where and for how long we need to be.

This means that we have to believe in GOD as well as put our trust in him.

As we have already mentioned, the third labyrinth has a center and four meditation sites in its corners (East, South, West and North). Each direction works together with a different element and each element is protected by a different archangel. There you will find a brief description of all four meditation sites and the center of the labyrinth.


The element of AETHER or WOOD (in Chinese traditions)- Archangel NATHANIEL – GALL-BLADDER AND LIVER meridians.
When this element is unbalanced the person tends to complain.
The power of Nathaniel is in everything that starts anew, grows, develops and rises up into the medium of higher vibrations. It helps the man understand that his consciousness has no limits and that all the knowledge resides in it. It helps to realize that the human body is an exact copy of the Earth and that all the information about it is hidden in our bodies. We need to go forth instead of complaining and moaning.
Spiritual direction – the Spirit.


The element of FIRE – Archangel MICHAEL – HEART AND SMALL INTESTINE meridians.
When this element is unbalanced the man falls into depression.
The Archangel Michael firmly sends the inspiration to seek the love of God to humans. He helps to recognize the light and dark sides of one’s soul to spread the love of the Godly light. He relieves the man from his depression, opens up the gates of heart and ignites the fire of love.  Love yourselves and others and be loved.
Spiritual direction – the Thought.


The element of AIR or METAL (in Chinese traditions) – Archangel RAPHAEL – LUNG AND LARGE INTESTINE meridians.
When this element is unbalanced the downfall comes.
The name Raphael means “God heals”. He sends the breath of God into the material world as the healing Light. His responsibility is to spread the godly wisdom through the healing Light. Therefore, the Archangel Rapahel repairs any found disharmony with love. His light heals and gives strength to restore the contact with the order of the higher level light. He is the healer of body, mind and soul and he gives assistance in studying, working, music, mathematics and medicine as well as helps to realize that everything is interconnected and nothing remains separate.
Spiritual direction – the Soul.


The element of WATER – Archangel GABRIEL – GALL-BLADDER AND KIDNEY meridians.
When this element is unbalanced the man is controlled by his fears.
Gabriel encourages unfolding, thriving and fertility. He frees us from our fears and conveys spiritual information. Here the wisdom and intuition flow into the man’s consciousness: he becomes flexible and open so that he can be happy on this Earth.
Spiritual direction – the Willpower.


The element of EARTH – Archangel URIEL – STOMACH AND SPLEEN meridians.
When this element is unbalanced the man feels anxious.
The name Uriel means “God is light”. He keeps softly whispering words of encouragement and diverts when he sees a man in darkness or when the mind is clouded with doubts.  With his radiating light he shows the path of life on this Earth. Here the man finds balance, peace and the serenity of God.
Spiritual direction – the Intellect.

The length of the labyrinth is 1700 m.

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